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Default Re: Mortality and our fleeting legacy


and I thought I was the one with all the wierd zen threads.. ; )

I do get a sense of what you are feeling because I've experienced some of what you are going through.

Its easier to be philosophical as we get older but ultimately it is about 'playing your music' ( read metaphor for life ) .. So what is our legacy, then?

I wear an old Tshirt very proudly which has a man and his dog walking into the horizon and it says Dont Leave a Trace . Its an axiom that I'm getting more and more comfortable with. Ashes to ashes dust to dust.

I have come to believe that the living moment, the here and the now, is the only truth that I can old on to, and everything else is just notes in the air. People who believe otherwise are chasing life's many shaggy dogs, including the desperate need to be relevant, meaningful, impactful, rich whatever...
Perhaps I say this is with the advatage of some hindsight, having some 50 odd years under my belt and after one has fought many of lifes battles, some won, some lost and some drawn.

As Bo said, creating a home that feels warm and inviting always, is Nobel Prize- worthy in my silly opinion too. I know you are an admirer of Geoge Carlin and his take on who we are as a species and our role on this planet is highly self indulgent and arrogant.

Accomplishment is what it is in the end. The need to evaluate ourselves. But by what rule do we measure? Paul McCartney, Steve Jobbs or Bo's parents. They all created something that someone else drew inspiration and strength from. Who judges?

As for your music, I think it lives in you, the person and not on your disk drive, or your recordings. Its the people you touch through any medium.

As a kid, my world was transformed forever, not only beause I heard the Beatles, Zepplin, or any of the big 'game changers'. It changed because I heard Paul Nye play a major 7th arpeggio in a cheap dive I'd snuck into in NYC.

I dont know what became of Paul Nye or what his legacy was, but I know for sure that I am a part of it.
And he doesnt know that.


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