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Default Re: Mortality and our fleeting legacy

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
It's a good thing to experience the immensity of this life we find ourselves in. Without mortality none of it would be so profound, you know. Life would be a real drag if we all lived forever.
Coincidentally, I'm currently reading Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, where the vamps are all wrestling with the complexity of living forever (as long as they avoid the sun and fire) in different ways, trying to find a way for it to be meaningful and to reconcile themselves with the nightly murder they commit to stay alive ... which, for them, is equivalent to feeling the morality of a vegetarianism but needing to eat meat to stay alive.

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Funny, now I understand when bassist Tony Levin said; "It's nice when you can just play your music and it goes out into the air". I think he meant what he does is just to be enjoyed right then and there. I feel the same way now.

... I stopped taking everything so seriously and just did what I do and if it didn't work out, I was happy that I did it anyway. It's become much more important that I 'took that step outside the box' rather than failing at the attempt because I've realized not everyone can 'step outside the box' as easily as I can.
Yes, music is ultimately about the moment. I've always been a recording freak, which is maybe like someone who spends all their holidays taking photos. It calls to mind this cartoon:

The cataloguing is a bigger job than I thought. I knew there was a collection of her stories published in 1967 but I did realise her work was so heavily anthologised - up to 33 so far, no counting periodicals and there are too many newspaper clippings to deal with. She wanted to write novels but she never had the knack (as she'd say "I'm a sprinter not a distance runner") so there's all these tidbits ... that have effectively gone into the ether ... just a bit slower than music.
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