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Default Re: Mortality and our fleeting legacy

Funny, now I understand when bassist Tony Levin said; "It's nice when you can just play your music and it goes out into the air". I think he meant what he does is just to be enjoyed right then and there. I feel the same way now. I've made horrid recordings of myself (probably still do) and it was only important to me then, at that time. It's not even important to me now - if it was I wouldn't be so embarrassed about them now. But I was proud of it back then - just as I'd be proud of something I made right now. But who knows how I'd feel about it in five or even seven years?

I think, more importantly, when I realized I'm not into drumming and music to become a star, but just how it makes me feel, when I realized all that, everything became more fun. I stopped taking everything so seriously and just did what I do and if it didn't work out, I was happy that I did it anyway. It's become much more important that I 'took that step outside the box' rather than failing at the attempt because I've realized not everyone can 'step outside the box' as easily as I can.

Kudos to you for cataloging your mother's work. My parents don't have anything to catalog, other than being the parents of three kids and making sure there was always a home to come to.
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