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Default Re: Heel Toe method

Originally Posted by pcmckay
I am trying to learn the heel toe method because it makes a lot of sense. To me it is sort of the Moeller Technique for your foot, multiple sounds from one stroke. The problem that I am running into is that I wear a size 15 shoe, and it is hard for me to do the technique when my foot is the same size as the foot board. Anyone have suggestions or may know of another technique that would be easier for me to execute with the same results?
Try angling your foot sideways so the heel is off the pedal to the i8nside this will give you MORE surface area for your foot.
Moeller involves a whipping Motion same as the hands and Heel and toe is simply alternating between your heel and toe.
The WFD has put up a FREE trailer and you will seeas I go faster I use just my heels for the strokes The Toe stays on the pedal.
hope this helps Good Luck and God Bless
click on the trailer from my DVD
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