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Default Re: Caddy's Gretsch Round Badge kit!

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Could you explain in more detail what it looks like installed, what it's made from, does it stretch across the head or just muffle the edge? Just one edge? All I know now is they may rattle, so OK that suggests metal. Is it a round pad? Rectangular pad? A strip? Is it adjustable or just on or off? What color is it? Who is Jimmy Pratt? Is he still alive? Am I annoying you enough yet?
Chill out Larry, It is just a piece of felt that is anchored on one end inside of the bass drum and tensioned on the other end with a tuning knob.
My first Slingerland kit had one installed in the bass drum.
I did like caddy and I removed it because it was a pain in the ass to keep it from rattling.
I also removed the internal mufflers from all of my vintage toms and snare drums because they simply weren't that good.
I kind of like old drums:)
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