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Default Re: Caddy's Gretsch Round Badge kit!

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Can someone shed some light on the Jimmy Pratt muffler thingy? You know how they say you learn something new every day? Little help? Is that a factory thing? If so do all GRB's have them?
Yeah, all GRBs had them stock. Sometimes they'll rattle (mine doesn't, yet!). When they don't rattle, they actually work quite well, like a felt strip that doesn't touch the bearing edge, except that it will dampen the head quite a bit, it's not subtle. If you want a tight, funky kick, it can be very cool. Not so much for the wide-open jazzer sound of today.

Hey Conway, what's up with your upside down floor tom? I've seen a few floor toms on GRB kits this way, is there anything to it?
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