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Originally Posted by TopCat
Now, now, we've established you can use the full-stops for that 'I'm pissed at you' effect, but you asked a question, and i gave my answer. If you don't like being criticised dont ask questions about yourself
you didn't even give any thought to what i said about the double bassing potential in the choruses of those songs i mentioned, you just took the opportunity to try and be funny. good on ya.

are you even interested in experimenting with new ideas? don't you find it fun to try and find new and creative ways to approach these songs, e.g. to ask yourself "how would copland play this if he were to record it a second time?"

btw, does anyone know if he plays on dirty drowning man, track 9 on antipop by primus? i'm pretty sure he helped produce it, so it would make sense that he played on it as well
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