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Default Re: Caddy's Gretsch Round Badge kit!

Ah nice Caddy! You assembled this kit drum by drum? Care to share total money spent? Would love to hear your take on this kit as compared to your Luds as compared to your DW's. And yes we need soundfiles of you playing all 3 kits, mandatory. Bernhard said so. (evil-ey twirls moustasche, as Caddy has never posted his playing AFAIK) There is one hitch though. It's in the 2nd to last photo. :) Based on your photos, I now know your true identity lol. ;) You're right, that is veneer quality wood that they wrapped/painted over. Very nice. Harry's drums have mufflers top and bottom. I don't see them on yours. Am I missing them? Also, I see 3 horizontal holes near the bearing edge. What the heck are they for? I'm surprised you didn't go with the blue. It's so beautiful lol.

Harry your kit looks new, I am assuming you restored it? And what is the deal w/ the new avatar, explanation please?

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