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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by RTDRUMS
Try watching Thomas Lang. Dont get me wrong I started the Buddy Rich Thread.... I love BR but... damn Thomas Lang is a bad mofo
I also love Thomas Lang's drumming, but he didn't impress me in the same way as Buddy did after so many hours of Buddy-videos I've seen during these months... Thomas Lang is a monster, Buddy is an eternal legend. I also couldn't see him (Lang) doing anything as fast as Buddy on his "1970 Buddy RIch" video available here, in The abilities, creativity and sheer speed (and speed control, also) shown "there" are still unmatched (at least to me). It's just a joy, a huge pleasure to watch those motions going on in front of me; in front of my impressed eyes.

- Ivo.
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