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Default Re: Buddy Rich on Bonham

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
okay...while i don't doubt buddy's talent and that he probably could do something like that i must make a few observations:

1) the drummer who watched buddy made his own subjective judgement of buddy's bonzo impersonation. buddy may have only closely copied bonham.

2) copying a groove is very different from making one up. so i'm not that impressed.

3) the fact that buddy was aware enough of bonzo to be able to copy his playing is quite an endorsement of bonham's skill. although, from what i have seen of BR, he would never admit to it, he probably deep inside admired bonham.

The person who made those comments was me, and they were made on this forum a few months ago. My uncle sometimes played with Rich's band, and I knew him peripherally as a teenager via this association. Later, he was sort of friendly towards me, and we actually shared a drink from time to time. I am not trying to drop names, but it seems appropriate in light of this thread.

His Bonham mimic routine was more of a disdain for anyone mentioning others before mentioning him. That's the kind of guy he was. But sometimes you could get him on a good day and he could be less than a jerk. I kind of doubt he studied anyone other than Krupa or Chick Webb, and only when he was much younger. I was something like 12 at the time, so I suspect the legend gets bigger inside me as the years pass. As drummers go, he was very respectful of Morello, Jo Jones and Louie Bellson. He was a perfectionist. If you didn't match up to him you sucked. This made him a very frustrated man. Simply stated, he lived in a black and white world.

I think he liked Bonham well enough. Still, his favorite rock drummers were Bobby Columby and Danny Seraphine by a wide margin.
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