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Default Re: Caddy's Gretsch Round Badge kit!

Originally Posted by Nodiggie View Post
Very nice work Caddy..

I love working with wood, I had several years in school taking wood shop and although I'm no expert I have enough confidence to refinish about anything. I'd like to score a vintage kit too one day and see what beauty is hidden under that skin.
Nice! I sure hope you get the chance to someday. When I was stripping the shells, I was amazed at the wood when it was revealed. This is usually the kind of wood that drum builders save for the veneer, but it's what the shells are made out of. The floor tom has a high level of quilting going on. I should snap a detail shot of looks as if the shell is wet and dripping! Very cool!

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Huge props to you for the work you've put in on this Caddy. Man, that's a lot of effort to remove all that crap from the shells. I totally support your decision to keep them au natural, that way, you stand the best chance of wringing every last bit of resonance from those matured shells. Are you recutting the edges?
Yeah, it was a LOT of work. At my last tally, I spent a total of about 17 hours on sanding alone, and that doesn't count the hours spent trying to chemically strip the paint, gunk, glue, or stain.

I am not going to cut the edges at this point. I sanded the edges of the 12" tom to get the paint off, but kept them very close to original. The edges are all flat/true and original on the other two drums, so I'm leaving them as they are. They sounded great before the refinishing, so I'm sure they'll sound great now, especially with brand new heads...
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