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Default Caddy's Gretsch Round Badge kit!

Finally, after long last, the restoration process is finished. I'm just waiting on new heads right now, but I thought I'd share the story, in pictures, with you guys. Enjoy the pics!

1. rack tom, painted a very, very thick blue...
2. rack tom, with hardware removed. You can see how the inside AND bearing edges were painted too...ugh!
3. chemicals only removed *so much* of the paint, so I had to sand the rest off
4. the bass drum was originally white satin flame, in terrible condition
5. I was expecting to simply peel the wrap off, but apparently you can't do that with satin flame wrap. Here is the plastic wrap taken off to reveal the shiny gunk underneath
6. chemicals didn't remove ANY of the shiny stuff, so I had to sand AGAIN. Here are the 4 layers...shiny gunky stuff, a grey gunk under that, the glue, and the wood
7. floor tom was stained, so I had to sand that, too
8. sanding the hoops took a LOT longer than expected, as well. They were painted black, and even commercial-grade stripper didn't remove the 50+ year old paint
9. here are the shells, completely stripped and waiting stain and finishing. I used Howard's Restore-A-Finish, and HIGHLY recommend it. It brought the grain of the wood out beautifully!
10. Here's where we are now--awaiting heads. When the heads are here, and the kit is assembled, I'll post some more pics...
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