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Default Re: Mike "Machine" Mallais here!

Hey Mike :)

Its nice to see a fellow canuck getting some spotlight :)

When i lived in Grande Prairie, i met a lot of guys from the east coast who were awesome players at their instruments, they said that the scene down there is really rough. Moving to BC helped me out personally, as vancouver is just a days drive away and has a good scene, so we get a lot of musicians playing here from there and they scoop bands to take along on with them.

To get attention, a lot of us on this side of things invite bands throwing shows and stuff to come jam, or check out band videos/sites .etc on their way through town, my band was offeres a spot on a week long mini tour next summer, with some guys from vancouver just because we hung around them, and invited them to our rehersal space for some tunes and beers, they liked what they heard and invited us along.

I guess play as much as you can with different people and keep up the you tube stuff :)
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