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Default Re: What else have you guys used besides Moongel?

Ok - so I went with the original drumhead that came with the snare and made an O ring.
Now, it had been under tension for some time, while on the display room shelf. Seen its share of stick action too. So that wear and stretching did not allow it to lay perfectly flat around its 360 degree edge. Kinda was a little wrinkled in a spot or 2.

However, the imperfect contact to the head allowed for some natural ringing, like it was slightly muffled. That was my target. If I flip the ring over, it contacts the head more. I guess because the edge of the ring curled up due to contact with bearing edge (???)

I probably would be afraid to lose the ring, if I gigged with this snare. I use it for practice - so I'm OK until I get a dry head. You know, those guitar guys are always helpful but will bang into the doorway with your gear or lose an O ring some where... :-)
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