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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by sticks4drums View Post
Hey Jimbo and other DW owners. Just want to apologize if you guys have been upset by stuff I have said about the brand. Really all I have ever said was that they are very expensive drums, that have that maple sound. :)

No worries, so many kits sound great it is hard to defend how pricey DW's are. I prefer the DW sound about 5-10% more than some other brands I dig. It's hard to justify the cost on a new custom order unless you really are digging some specifics. Thankfully DW has been leveled out by the basic rules of economics. Custom order wait is only 2-3 months. You can get a new order @ 45% off list if you work it, and customer service is stellar from my 5 years of experience.
I am about to order a matching 8x7.5 VLT tom w/ re rings, and a sharp reso side bearing edge to enhance sustain (ESE). It's fun to get geeky and specific, DW caters to that so I am happy to be a customer.
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