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Default Re: King Crimson's new line up really need to make a new album

Originally Posted by Lunar Satellite Brian View Post
I think SOME of his drumming was brilliant, yet other were completely boring.

I mean, the entire album of Discipline was perfect, but listen Neil and Jack and Me off of Beat, I mean really Bill? Is that the only thing you could come up with?

Also I wouldn't say King Crimson was ever really "Metal" Happy with What you Have was extremely heavy as was Level Five, but none of their stuff can be accurately described by that term. As far as them re-doing a lot of their songs (electric-Elektrik, fractured-Frakctured) I see your point, but I respectively disagree, especially on the matter of Larks Tongue(which I would love to see a part 26 btw:) Lark's part III and Part IV were more of a continuation than a rendition. And Elektrik and Frakctured are some of my favorite KC material, where as the originals weren't and aren't.
Naw, Bill could have done anything with Neal and Jack and Me. He hardly needed to prove that he was imaginative or had the chops to do all sorts of things with that tune.

He simply took a back seat because it was one of Adrian B's pop numbers and he let AB hold the floor because BB's more musician than show pony. He was perfect in his punchiness with Tony Levin. On the same album he carves it up on Neurotica and Requiem and his work on Waiting Man is special.

I know what you mean about "metal". Agree that KC aren't a metal band, but their sound and tritones were metal in quite a few songs.

I thought Electrik was great - until it broke into the metal section at the end (no one's going to argue that the ending isn't brutal metal). It just sounded tacked on to me. FraKctured did nothin for me, I'm afraid. Just more noisy uglies from the house of Fripp. Okay, I'm being glib :) Nothing wrong with revisiting earlier ideas and refining them (as in FraKctured) - I just wish he wouldn't do it with his noisy uglies hehe

Just like to shine a light on the forgotten man, Pat Mastelotto. He's a tremendous drummer. The tracks where his drumming really do it for me are Elektrik, ConstruKction of Light and TPTB II ... the synth drums in that one are incredible. If a new KC came up with music more in that ilk I'd be keen!
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