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Quite a few places still process film over here and it's still easy enough to buy. I just enjoy it more.

I remember borrowing my Uncle's old Pentax K-2 and having an absolute ball as a teenager. Something about shutter speed of 60 and really working on a shot with no guarantee of success that I really enjoy.

I think digital is superior in practically every way but I just enjoy film more.
You would. :) You are a crazy guy, and I am starting to appreciate that about you. Why be the same as everybody else. That is easy. Good on you, as some on here would say.

I have no use for film. I don't miss anything about it. My brother wasted more money on bad shots, just trying things. Just think about the poor environment with all the chemicals, and all. Give me my Canon Rebel XT anyday. I traded in my AE 1 years ago and don't miss it at all.
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