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Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
I'm a photography Luddite. I own three film cameras and no digital camera. Am I a hipster? Probably - but I like film in a way that I don't like digital. Doesn't mean my photos are any good though!

Bo, you may laugh, but:

Pentax SFXn, Praktica MTL 3, Praktica MTL 5. I really like the MTL 5. Sadly the shutter has jammed on my MTL 3.
Hey now - I cut my teeth on film! I dearly miss using film as much as I used to but if you don't develop your own b&w (I don't) there are hardly any local labs left around my town anymore. It's now a mail-in affair at $18 per roll. I know of a few hold-outs that insist on it and are set-up with certain labs to do their work, but I think even they know the writing on the wall. I always wanted to be James Nachtwey in War Photographer.....but he's been shooting digital for the last ten years now too. If you can afford to keep doing it, more power to ya'!
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