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Default Appropriate Qualifications for Music Therapy

Hi all - I'm hoping to speak with some folk who've had experience in music therapy or who are interested in this area.

I'm running a lot of community music sessions at the moment. People tend describe these sessions as Music therapy although I don't advertise them as that as I am not yet qualified. Hoping to study music therapy as a masters qual. I am gaining excellent experiences but am severely under qualified.

In fact the only music qualifications I have are a grade 8 rockschool performance certificate and grade 2 violin which I took when I was about 10.

I can play guitar, 5 string banjo, drum set, vocals and have a strong interest in tuned percussion. Im wondering where to put my energies - ABRSM tuned percussion grades? CXlassical guitar grades?

Any experienced music therapists OUT there? Can anyone recommend any good literature?
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