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After reading this forum, I came to the conclusion that the people who rag on travis are just jerks. He is a talented drummer and has seen alot of bad stuff in his life, yet he is still a very great guy. He's nice to fans and he knows that he's not the greatest drummer of all time, but then again hes only 30. how many people in here can say that at age 30 you had chops like that, you could inspire a whole generation of people to realise a whole different side to music they never would have known if it werent for you, that you got loaded off being in a band. Most of you can't truthfully say that so i think everyone in here should support fellow drummers and keep positive with people, because if you keep sharing knowledge of drumming later generations will keep getting better and better. remember that drumming has come a long way and still has a long time to go.
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