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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Cool thread - coupla' things...
DW Bass drums - I'm with ill-X, I like the feel and punch of 20" kicks, but have to say that I've played the 23" and it's a monster! On paper it sounds like a gimmick, under your foot it sounds and feels incredible - it also allows easier tom placement.

DW Snares - I like VLT toms and bass drums, but I actually prefer the standard 10+6 snares. I like the punch of the re-rings and a little brightness helps me get some contrast to the toms and bass drum. That said, the VLT snares still sound great and provide lots of variety depending on taste.

Mrcoffee - It's always very cool to see a BIG Jazz Series kit :) These drums aren't just for jazz, they're great for any type of music. Oh yeah, I have a Dunnett Raw Steel 6.5x14 - great drum.

JimboJim, what's the finish on that snare? Consider installing a new Mag strainer on that drum! They are one of, if not the best throw-off I've ever used.

Here's a lo res pic of my little kit: 12-14-20 6x14 (22" Woofer not pictured) - Jazz Series in Curly Maple...
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