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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by Mrcoffee View Post
Real nice kit! Congrats! If I had to do it all again though, I'd definitely would go with 24" bass drums for all kits, or even maybe 26". I know a lot of guys like those smaller bass drums at 20" but for me, to have a good mix of boom and thud, and the big sound I want, it's gotta be at least 24". I !
Big bass drums do sound pretty sick. I guess I just react to the playability of the 20". The sound comes off of it quick to my ear, and it is fun and inspiring to play.The VLX keeps it from being hi pitched and tunes lower than my previously owned 22" collectors. My 22" muddied up just enough that it wasn't as clear (drivers side). Playing out at a gig, miked the 20" sounds as big as needed so I have two DW kits with 20" bass drums.

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