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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by illustrator X View Post
Woa, you love some VLT snares.
The first one I got was kinda by accident. I bought the NP Time Machine snare mostly for the aesthetics. I quickly fell in love with the sound once I spent some time with it.

The 14x4.5 was my second VLT, and I got that one on eBay at a REALLY good price (sub $300). The guy selling it wasn't a drum buff and had no idea what type of shell it was. He kept replying it was a "Collectors" drum. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and it was a straight shell VLT. It sounds more like a 5.5 than a piccolo.

This one was definitely on purpose. I had been looking for a DW in an exotic finish and wanted either a solid shell, edge or VLT. I found this VLT (sitting at GC since 09) on clearance at easily half or a third of what a new Edge or Super Solid exotic would of cost me.

The 5.5 and the 4.5 will end up being my two workhorse wood snares. That will let me keep the Time Machine mostly on display and only for practice at home/recording or special (and clean) gigs.
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