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Default Re: here is a question.

I'm just going to play Devil's Advocate for a minute here.

In no way am I advocating extremist ideologies here, but. Surely part of the idea of a jury is that all segments of the population can be represented? It's the same with the electoral system - the right and left-wing extremists can vote and should be allowed to in a free society provided that they're not breaking the law in doing so (i.e. intimidatory tactics, vote-rigging, etc) in the same way that the extremist parties (that are perceptively on the far-right in the UK) should be allowed to exist to represent those views.

Hopefully with an educated population those kinds of views won't get much of a hearing if the majority of the population does vote in a way that is 'sensible' (although who am I to decide that?).

The same goes for a jury. Judges don't often accept split decisions so you would hope that the 'nutters' in the jury panel wouldn't hold the kind of influence. In fact, the quickest way to provide a decision in a jury in to actually analyse the facts of the case and provide a verdict, rather than all just going along with one 'nutter's' view. There aren't as many extremists in the UK as the Internet and papers make us believe and te vast majority of people are somewhere in the middle - it's just they never get reported because they are the 'normal' population.
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