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Default Re: here is a question.

Originally Posted by Too Many Songs View Post
Are your opinions informed by the Sun? I assume not so perhaps you do have an important role to play on a jury.

As to jury trial: that is 'the lamp that shows that freedom lives'. 'Qualified professionals' are typically white, middle-aged and middle class and are poor arbiters of justice: you only have to look at the system of magistrates to realise the risks of doing away with jury trials. But then I suspect that you believe you will never have to face a criminal charge in court and if you ever did you are confident that you would not be discrimnated against by those in a postion to judge you.
Yes, qualified professionals may typically be white middle aged and middle class, but then again, so are most jurors. They generally represent the population. At the end of the day, legal professionals are paid to not be discriminatory. What makes you so sure that any normal member of the public is not going to be discriminatory? Honestly, you read any article on Yahoo! news about crime and the comments are almost all discriminatory in some way. Also, what if we're talking about a high profile case, one that is portrayed widley in the media? How can you possibly get a jury together that has not seen the story in the news and had their views altered by that in some way? I don't think a jury makes the process any less discriminatory.
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