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Default Re: King Crimson's new line up really need to make a new album

Originally Posted by Mendozart View Post
I think the best KC line-up was Bruford-Levin-Fripp-Belew. That run of the three albums starting with Discipline was some of the best music put out in the 80's. Don't get me wrong, I love the early stuff, and the double-trio stuff was cool, but the aforementioned was always my favorite.
I actually saw Tony Levin play Sleepless with his fingers when I saw them live at the Greek Theatre in L.A. in 1984. Fast forward to the Thrak tour and they did Sleepless, but he used his Funk Fingers instead. I was disappointed and intrigued at the same time. I agree with the Discipline-Beat-TOAPP albums being seminal albums - and I still listen to them to this day. But I think Fripp was right when he said Discipline was the pinnacle of that line-up - it was like the planets lined up with what he wanted to do with the band, and how everyone stayed within their function to make the band greater than the sum of its parts. But they're still great nonetheless. I'd be all over anything they produced under the moniker of King Crimson.
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