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Default Re: King Crimson's new line up really need to make a new album

Originally Posted by Pat Mastelotto - Fan View Post
King Crimson REALLY needs to make another album with their current line up ...

... Gavin really fits in unlike, in my opinion, Bruford did in his later years with KC (Discipline-Thrak, he was great on Red, but he kind of lost it after that one).
Geez, you fans are tough - the poor old geezers are probably exhausted :)

BTW, if you think BB's drumming with KC in the 80s was not brilliant - both with the band and in itself - then you're craaaaaazy :P

For me, the Discipline-to-TOAPP period was the pinnacle for KC. Yes yes, some fantastic one-off tracks scattered through their earlier catalogue and especially big performances on LTIA and Starless (the song) but the music kept on being marred by dorky lyrics, dodgy vocals and Frippy's annoying heavy metal fixation *ducks for cover*. Yes yes, Schizoid Man, LTIA (Pts I to XXVII) and Red made a big splash. It's time for Bob Fripp to stop rehashing those tracks over and over and move on to something more interesting and creative ...

IMO the best of KC has always been their imaginative, more jazzy, eccentric and textural tracks. If they come back I hope they ditch the math metal and the smooth jazz of The ProjeKcts.
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