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Default King Crimson's new line up really need to make a new album

King Crimson REALLY needs to make another album with their current line up, and no, not that Scarcity of miracles Projekct crap, I mean a real album.

In case you don't know, their current line up(or last line up they toured with) is...
Robert Fripp-Guitar(teehee, that's one of my usernames)
Adrian Belew-guitar/vocals(teehee, that's one of my my other user-names)
Tony Levin-bass/chapman stick
Pat Matelotto-drums(teehee, that's my user-name )
Gavin Harrison-drums

Now, I just listened to this line-ups version of Level Five, and it was PHENOMINIAL, I really like the Gavin/Pat duo, I prefer it a lot more than the Bruford/Pat duo. Gavin really fits in unlike, in my opinion, Bruford did in his later years with KC (Discipline-Thrak, he was great on Red, but he kind of lost it after that one).

I'm very exited about KC's future.
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