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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Ah, perseverance. Well done, Doug. I just gave up.

Our keyboardist (who has the worst timing in the band) was hostile to the "robot time". He didn't even like me using a 'nome for starting tempos. He's a blues guy and some blues guys have a big attitude about these things. Fair nuff, each to their own.

What our kys guy likes is having an obliging, weak-willed drummer like me who bends and twists (and basically does everything wrong) in order to get the music as workable as possible in a musically unworkable situation :)

So the young drummer / older drummer comment has some merit but is not universal. It's possible that I'm older than Doc Dirt :)

8-Mile, I agree. Playing to a click is a skill like any other. It's not easier.
I can't remember the name, but some famous classical music conductor was quoted one time as saying that if any two measures in a piece had the same tempo, he was not doing his job correctly. If you're not playing standard rock/pop/dance music, then "perfect' time is not an issue.
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