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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

Originally Posted by DrumDoug View Post
In response to a couple of people who said that they tried to play with one in their bands and you had a hard time because the band woud immediatly get off of the click. When I first started using a click with my bands, the same thing happened. They had to get used to playing with me and with me playing with a click. The keyboard player and I went round and round with the guitar player that we were not getting off during his solos and that we could not just adjust to whatever he played. Eventually, he came to really like the click, and got upset one night I forgot the adapter to plug it into my inears. By that point, our time as a band had improved so much that his solos stayed in time much more than they had before the click.
Ah, perseverance. Well done, Doug. I just gave up.

Our keyboardist (who has the worst timing in the band) was hostile to the "robot time". He didn't even like me using a 'nome for starting tempos. He's a blues guy and some blues guys have a big attitude about these things. Fair nuff, each to their own.

What our kys guy likes is having an obliging, weak-willed drummer like me who bends and twists (and basically does everything wrong) in order to get the music as workable as possible in a musically unworkable situation :)

So the young drummer / older drummer comment has some merit but is not universal. It's possible that I'm older than Doc Dirt :)

8-Mile, I agree. Playing to a click is a skill like any other. It's not easier.
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