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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by Mrcoffee View Post
So... the VLT is THAT MUCH different from the 10&6?
For my money, a 10&6 vs. a VLT is as different as a 10&6 vs. a solid shell.

People who haven't played VLT, X or HXV shells will tell you it's all marketing crap. It's really not. As more vertical plies are added to the shell comp, the natural pitch of the shell lowers. So a standard DW horizontal shell (standard/10&6) in a 5" depth will have a much higher pitch than a DW vertical shell (VLT) in a 5" depth. The re-rings (the &6) also impede some of the resonance of the shell to remove the ring and make the pitch even higher.
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