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Default Re: here is a question.

I went in for jury duty last week. Not my first time mind you, and I've been on panels, as well as been excused after the requisite day to be part of the process. In L.A. County, they have a one-day-one-trial policy. When they need you, you have one day to get on a panel. If you don't, they consider your service completed and you go about your business. If you get on a panel that day, and the trial lasts for 2 days, you've also completed your service. You're not required to fullfil the 10 days' of service you're obligated to.

What I didn't like was NOT being called for anything. I sat around all day, and it was for nothing. I would much rather have been called for a panel, got to hang out a few days and do some good for a trial that might normally have a bunch of people on a jury who really don't want to be there.

Believe me, if you're ever a defendant or plaintiff, you'll want jurors there who care enough to weigh the facts.

Anyway, while it's very amusing to want to make yourself unattractive to the attornies during jury selection, don't get too cute. You can be charged with contempt (see paragraph above.)

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