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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
In my experience, that's really not how a good groove works out. It's a matter of push/pull from all players until that perfect pocket gets lined up for everyone. I've often found that aligning a song to a metronome grid is one of the quickest ways to lose the feel of real human inter-rhythm. It takes real time, practice and dedication to work your best magic with a group of players, but I think in the end, it's way worth it when the end product doesn't have the tempo set by a machine.
Hi doctor, nice prescription here. :)

I agree with you, and most of my playing in a band setting is carried out without a metronome or a click track, i was just trying to give some highlight in regards to Polly's comment "A couple of years ago I tried using an in-ear click at band practice. The band quickly pulled away from me and I had two tempos in my ear - the click and the band", when we play, most of the time it's the rythm section (drums, bass, guitar) which lay down the road for the other players to ride on it, and they seems to be able to follow us quite well.

So I was just stating that if the drummer uses a click, the rest of the band should able to follow the tempo from the pulse of the drummer (they don't hear the click) without too much trouble. A drummer can also vary the tempo so slightly, even with a click, to suit the mood of the song, but it takes some practice to make it a smooth drag or pull feel within the track.
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