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Default Re: Tim Waterson Here!

your tutorial DVD has just arrived ;-) I'll be back with a review (and I'm nervous to check it out... might be really shocking...)

The cover reads "Volume 1" - is there/will there be a "Volume 2"? Holy cow ;-)

I've just watched the 1st DVD (with the technical stuff/exercises)... I feel discouraged now, I need some time to get over what I've seen/watched. Hopefully to come back being motivated to practice more than before. What else did I expect from Tim's world class feet, haha.

Tim, thank you for this DVD set.


PS, referring to a post by Mike Machine...
As proud a WFD torchbearer as he claims himself, but on another drumming forum I learned that some folks weren't too pleased with Mike constantly making them remember he is/was world record holder etc to prevent people from forgetting it. I hope he doesn't have an ego problem.

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