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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
Well, what do you expect? We're drummers, not relationship coaches. I followed this whole thread. You didn't do anything wrong. She sounds cool to hang out with like "one of the guys". Why not? Most chicks talk about stuff I have no interest in at all. I know because I hear them talking at lunchtime, etc. the next table over. I hope you don't give up a drum forum because of misinformed dating advice. I know as a drummer that you never stop learning, so why would you want to give up such a great source and wealth of knowledge once you've found it?

The bolded part is exactly why I like her. In the speech class that I took this past semester to fulfill a gen ed requirement, the first speech was to partner up with someone, interview them and then give a speech on them to introduce to the class. Some of those girls were just so frickin boring, then you meet her and it's just like talking to one of the guys. I've never met a cooler girl in my life. As far as me doing anything wrong, I knew that all along along. One common thread I noticed when asking people for advice is that different people seemed to have a slightly different concept of what's really going on, and I think that's what happened here. I love this forum and will not give it up, just no more asking for dating advice!
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