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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Originally Posted by The Spoiler View Post
Jeez!!! I am sorry but someone needs to be straight with you. This girl is not interested in you. She has tried to be nice, she has tried to be direct and still you are going back again and again. That is not going to make her like you more (just the opposite). It sounds like you are obsessing and really need to give yourself a shake before you freak her out and upset her.
As a gigging drummer you should be able to meet lots of girls who would be interested in you. Drummers are cool and if you just allow that to come through, I am sure you will find girls approaching you but if you cannot see past this one girl, perhaps you are blind to the ones who come on to you.
Chill out, take it easy and look at all the pretty girls!
Good luck.
Read the frickin rest of the thread before you start getting agressive! Last time I ever ask for advice on the internet. Damn.
She's a friend, that's what we consider each other at this point,it's mutual. I told her that I know she's not right for me as a girlfriend and I said I'd like to be friends still because I like her a lot as a person. We hung out on Wednesday (with my teacher), I'll be going to his annual Festivus party with her next week, and we'll all be going to that Bela Fleck show in March. Friendly activities. Granted I may be thinking too much about it but don't accuse me of doing something I'm not.
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