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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
It works if everyone listens to the drummer. A couple of years ago I tried using an in-ear click at band practice. The band quickly pulled away from me and I had two tempos in my ear - the click and the band. Not pleasant. If I wasn't mad already it would have driven me there ...

One time we tried recording to a click and the band pulled away from the click and me in a matter of seconds and it all broke down. Some people can play okay normally but can't play with a click (or a drummer with a click) to save their lives.

It's a team effort.
While I can agree that some players are having trouble to follow a click (it's in their mind, just knowing that the click is perfect!), I believe that every musicians should be able to play to a click, the day they'll do some recording in a studio for X or Y artists, they'll probably will have to do so.

It's not just down to the drummer to be able to follow a click, everybody needs to do it.

Polly, I'm wondering how your band mates manage to follow you when you're not playing to a click, your grooves are setting the tempo, right? So when you play the click in your ear plug they should be able to follow your grooves the same way. Or I'm mistaken and you follow them? If this is the case, well who's the timekeeper, you or them?
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