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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
2:05 tells you everything you need to know

From this point onwards there's a bit of drag & lift, especially towards the end, & It's bloody wonderful!!!!!!! Why wouldn't you lift the tempo in that end solo, I know I do. Our band is one of the very few who dare to pull this track off live. I'm not boasting, but I frequently get comments about our tempo control on this punishingly difficult number, & we play it a fair bit slower than Floyd do here.
Great performance from the old fellas. Good to see them still playing with style and passion. I'm not the best at picking slight tempo fluctuations - not too fussy about it as long as things are flowing nicely.

I like the way your band handles that tune. Very easy song to speed up. On a clumsy day I can imagine myself bumping that sucker up a good 5-10bpm by the final solo ...
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