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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by scorch whammin View Post
Beautiful kit Fish!...I'm sure it sounds great!
I knew this kit sounded good, but in my house with good acoustics I really have been blown away today. Thanks scorch!

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
Very nice arefish Congrats thats a beauty, you gonna leave that kick unported?
Thank you nhz! Without having fiddled with the tuning yet, with the exception of the snare, the kick drum is the gem of this kit (although the floor toms might be a close second). The kick comes with two crescent moon shaped pillows Velcro'd to the inner shell, one resting against each head. The reso has six dime size holes that run along the perimeter. I'm using the plastic side of a DW beater and it sounds incredible. I've been playing a 20" kick so that might have something to do with it. Down the road I will buy a ported EMAD reso and EMAD batter, but I think I will leave the stock head alone.
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