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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

Doctor Dirt: but what your doing is slowly and methodically eliminating the human factor, a natural response and the core of playing music and thats spontaneity!!!

Duckenheimer: Well sorry, but I love classical music, I have an incredibly emotional experience at Tool concerts and so on. Of course you don't have to like it.

I agree with both of you. Music aimed at young people is becoming increasingly digitised. No doubt some music is best when it's super precise. However, I'm hearing a lot of pop songs on the radio that I think would be better served with more organic treatment ... but that's just me (and other oldies, I expect). Each generation's tastes vary.

I have this little conspiracy theory where I imagine The Evil Record Companies have deliberately conditioned young people's ears to respond to digital music because it's cheaper to produce. It's also artistically easy to control by hiring a programmer to create backing tracks for cute teenagers who can dance/writhe and just about carry a tune with the help of Autotune.

I've heard young people describe old music as "sloppy", which it is when compared with machines. Not sure if the next generation will get sick of Gen Z's digital sounds and rebel by being organic, or whether music will become ever more digital.

I'm guessing the former, based on Adele's popularity in 2011.
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