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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

Originally Posted by Doctor Dirt View Post
Sometimes youth is so gooffy, your the ones being cheated!!

You think your being innovated
I think you need to rephrase this coherently. We think we're innovating by using a click live? We think we're listening to someone innovating by using a click? What?

but what your doing is slowly and methodically eliminating the human factor, a natural response and the core of playing music and thats spontaneity!!!
Well sorry, but I love classical music, I have an incredibly emotional experience at Tool concerts and so on. The success of film music is almost completely dependent on successfully evoking emotion and so on. Of course you don't have to like it all.

Listen smart ass when your making a living out of performing live music call me we'll talk.
You're already talking. Albeit in a very vaguely directed rant form, rather bizarrely laid out as if if you were responding to one person. (I also remember you negatively referring to Nas in the plural...)

An amp is sound rienforcement a click is leaning on a device to help maintain something you should be trying to perfect in time.
A click live can achieve things that not playing with a click can't. This has been pointed out to you, though you've completely refused to address it in preference to calling people goofy and smartasses, telling us we're being cheated completely regardless of what we actually listen to.

playing a gig with a click DOES NOT EQUAL not learning tempo in the first place. You recognise this right?

I do not think Porcupine Tree or Tool or Pink Floyd were all confusing live playing with rehearsal.

Using a click isn't a roadie or lights those are additions what your doing is actually subtraction. The subtraction of the human element
Or adding elements - you know what they are, right, despite completely unaddressing them so far? Because we have several pages of people pointing them out.

The subtraction of the human element , honestly its been used for teaching for ever, try LEARNING something then go apply it.
PLEASE elaborate on exactly what you mean, in a coherent sentence. These three statements are occupying the same sentence rather confusingly.

I prefer my duck in orange sauce not to tuff you know it can get gamy when excited. Doc

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