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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

Sometimes youth is so gooffy, your the ones being cheated!! I don't like synths trying to sound like horns because they can't. If you want a keyboard for a part fine but if I want a tenor I hire a tenor. You think your being innovated but what your doing is slowly and methodically eliminating the human factor, a natural response and the core of playing music and thats spontaneity!!!'Listen smart ass when your making a living out of performing live music call me we'll talk. An amp is sound rienforcement a click is leaning on a device to help maintain something you should be trying to perfect in time. Using a click isn't a roadie or lights those are additions what your doing is actually subtraction. The subtraction of the human element , honestly its been used for teaching for ever, try LEARNING something then go apply it.
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