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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

Originally Posted by Doctor Dirt View Post
No its not!! Unless live means with help!!! Tempo is to be learned like anything else that has to do with performance.
And playing a gig with a click =/= not learning tempo in the first place.

You have Live performances confussed with rehearsals.

I honestly would feel cheated as a concert goer to find out that the drummer needed assistance to maintain time.
And I thought it was all about the music...

Sorry your wrong
Who's wrong, about what exactly, and why?

times do change so does tempo but thats the human element thats most appreciated by real listeners who want to see and hear you on your own not with help.
Down with amplification, lightshows, sequenced interludes and roadies! Hey, which listeners aren't real exactly?

You set the tempo whats next going to a drum track??
Not entirely unheard of.

not a damn crutch!! Doc
Like that darn electronic amplification.
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