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Hey Womble,

I see what you're saying. Personally, out of all of the 'super' drummers, like Lang, Mangini, Donati etc, I'd say that Marco is the most musical as well. I remember the first time I saw his video, I was really blown away by it. I genuinely think it's really good music, whereas I can't always say the same thing about other drummers. With Lang or Mangini, I think it's good drumming, but I can't honestly say that I always enjoy the musicality side of it.

However, although not I'm not someone who likes to get caught up in "who's the best techinical drummer etc", I do think that when it comes to independance and four way co-ordination, technical ability is something to be admired. It's ridiculously hard to get to a decent level. Zeldman has taken it seriously far out. There is a video of him on the Drum Institute website, under his profile, which is ok. But neither the clip or the video I mentioned really showcase his talent properly. Personally, I'd rate him as the world's best drummer, and yes, that's putting above Vinnie and Weckl etc. Try and catch him live in clinic, and he'll change the way you think about drums! ;-)
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