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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by CadaveR (Ivo)
Bernhard - Don't get me wrong Mr. Bernhard, I love Gadd's stuff but (as everybody else) he's no perfect... just some personal observations from me... didn't want to make fun or disrespect anybody here... I also have deep respect for you who created this fantastic drum site and make so maaaaany fantastic drum videos available for free for everyone who's interested in getting 'em. :-)

Womble - That's it Sr. ;-)

Besides his (Gadd's) fantastic Grooves, his playing seemed to be rather simplier when compared to the insane amount of knowledge being shown off by Vinnie Colaiuta and Dave Weckl... sometimes he finnishes off with something rather too simple for my taste, but, other than that, his Grooves and body movements/excitement are amazing. That's what makes him an outstanding drummer, imho.

- Ivo.
Ok - CadaveR - and thanks for the compliments

What I tried to say is this:

If you are a very good drummer and you really work on the Weckl and Colaiuta things - you put them to sound and it works.

The Gadd Grooves and licks seems very simple and easy (....compared), you can play them pretty soon, BUT YOU DON'T BRING THEM TO SOUND LIKE STEVE!!!!

One point perhabs: yes, he really is not very innovating these last 15 years. Perhabs adding some double bass, that's it.

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