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Default Re: An Honest Gadd Question

Originally Posted by finnhiggins
Listen to drummers and how they played before Gadd hit it big.

Listen to drummers and how they played after Gadd hit it big.

I think your answer is right there.
Also, carpediem930, buy the Buddy Rich Memorial Concert with Weckl, Vinnie, and Gadd. Listen how unsettled the band sounds while Vinnie's playing, particularly in the second song when he really starts going to town. Appreciate how rushed it all sounds, a bit like it's all going to fall apart at any moment. Not comfortable viewing at all. Entertaining, but uncomfortable.

Now, look at the faces of the band members when Gadd walks on stage. See their smiles? See them all relax? Then listen to how great the band sounds with him in comparison to what's gone before, and how much better the guys solo over Gadd. He gives them the space and comfort to let them excel, rather than trying to be Mr Uber-drummer. Gadd's performance may see less impressive that Vinnie's or Weckl's, but in that context it is so much better.
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