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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Ian, you know I love you man, but come on, that incident was hardly a secret :) :) :)
Indeed ... unless you live in a cave, lead a very sheltered "existence", wait a minute, everyone on this forum has a computer .... probably knows sorta what's going on, in the world. And yeah, the largest "oil disaster" ever, in man's history ... kinda like saying ... "Chernobyl, what was that?"
Guy's who are "new" to the forum "typically" start off by saying "Hi, my name is _______ , and I've been drumming for __ years. And this is my kit. But a first post, and the topic is a year old oil spill story, geez, what is this, some cheap version of CNN .... "where we bring you the news ... but it's a year old !"
Anyone check out the "gccf claims" link ... this actually looks like a spammer to me.
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