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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks a lot, man. The new "Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight Live" DVD comes out next month. I hope you check that one out.


Thanks to you, too. If you order the dvd (only 30 bucks) I hope you do so from my web store. I recoup more money (as I'm still paying for production costs) from my website than any sale anywhere else, so I thank you in advance!


Thanks! Thanks for getting it and I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it. I hope it continues to inspire you to get behind the kit. Thanks.


You are what you practice. What to you want to be? Consider that and really think about it. I have many ideas for practice in both of my dvds. Be organized and be patient. It's a never ending process, so patience is key. Practice things slowly and internalize your motions. There's more than that obviously, but that's a start. I wish you luck.


Thanks for the support. I hope he does pick up the dvds!


Thanks for getting the dvd and thanks for the detailed review. I appreciate your kind words very much! I hope it continues to give you good things to think about and that you were entertained.

Yes, the outdoor scenes were greenscreen. We filmed those in a volatile December last year at a studio and went out to the original MM1 property and shot the outdoor scenes in May. I have taken an "internet ass beating" about it for some reason, but at least we were trying something new. Technically it was difficult without a zillion dollar budget to do. We were in over our heads truthfully! But it has an 80s video charm to those sections, which are only perhaps 6% of the entire production. It mixes things up visually which is the point anyway. Thanks again, Arky!


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