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Default Re: Hearing protection?

I never understand how in-earphones like the Etymotic Research and Shure have around 40dB isolation and the isolating headphones like Vic Firths have around 25dB. Also the custom molded in-earphones are around 25dB. I think it has to do with frequency but I dont understand how it works sitting behind a drumkit.
I assumed that a kit is around 120dB and that reducing it to 80dB instead of 100dB is better, but I know this to be false. My experience is that with the in-earphones 40dB I get sick from the noise when I play like normal (pretty hard with energy). The in-earphones 40dB with a cheap construction headphone 20dB over it works for me but I like to have some in-earphones that dont make me sick when hitting hard. Do you need a custom molded for that?
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