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Default Re: Hearing protection?

Originally Posted by kettles View Post
I use some of these, Peltor H10A muffs -

They are AWESOME. They make everything sound huge and naturally compressed. Not boxy like cheaper earmuffs do, these are totally different. I think they have some kind of dual-shell design which is why they sound the way that they do. Also super comfortable. I can't recommend them enough, for a low price convenient option. See if a store will let you buy them and return them if you don't like them. I got mine from a specialised safety store.

For earplugs I use silicon gel plugs from the pharmacy. It's like a putty that you roll into a ball and stuff it in your ear. Very comfortable, and sounds much more natural than foam plugs. I have to buy a new box of them about every 6 months, but I would probably wreck or lose any proper 'musician' plugs in that time anyway.
I have these as well. They are the standard Peltor shooter's headphones, but GK Music turns them into the GK UltraPhone, which is retrofitted with Sony MDR-7506 headphone drivers. Imagine being able to listen to your favorite music at a nice comfortable not-too-loud level, while shooting a gun (or playing your drums) - these were a God-send to me ten years ago when I began mixing bands from behind the band (I had to hear what I was sending out in to house).

But for standard ear protection, I like the disposable foam ear plugs (the bright orange ones). However, since I sing so much with the band, I've been using either the Shure E2c in-ear monitor, or the newer Shure SE315's. With a mixer next to me, I can control how loud the signal is coming into my ears and keep it comfortable. Once you fill up your ear, sounds from the outside can't come in, forcing you turn up over them. That's the biggest thing with in-ear monitors.
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